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Our Services

Present Time Kids™ originated in the classroom, but now our services are extend to families and individuals.

Present Time Kids™ is a researched-based program based in mindfulness, neuroscience and

social emotional learning (SEL).

Kids in Preschool


This school-wide program is certain to change the fabric of your school culture. With a small investment of just five minutes a day, your student population (and staff!) will become empowered to be

calm, focused and ready to learn!


Staff members are not required to write any lesson plans or memorize any scripts. They simply play the PTK online/password -protected audio and become mindful right alongside their students.

The Schoolwide PTK Package contains all you need to immediately start implementing this powerful program. No studying or prep work needed!


Each staff member implementing PTK will receive PTK scripts for both the full PTK audio and for each of the four exercises. This will empower teachers to be able to implement without the audio if they desire. Staff facilitators will also receive a class poster set, a class triangle, and unlimited access to the proprietary online PTK audios and all new/updated versions of the audios.


Each classroom/staff member 

implementing PTK will receive a 45 minute "model-teach" session conducted by a certified PTK Trainer and Practitioner.

happy family


PTK Family Package consists of four 1-hour sessions with PTK co-creators Heather and Cheryl or with a lead certified PTK educator.

Primary caregivers will learn about neuroplasticity and mindfulness, and together the whole family will learn PTK's 2 Tools and 4 Exercises, and have access to 

proprietary online PTK audio that will guide their family in a daily 5-minute

routine toward more calm, focus and harmony.

Happy Kids Huddle


These powerful 1:1 sessions are an opportunity for children and teens to receive direct instruction and coaching from the PTK co-creators themselves. Individuals will receive four 1-hour personalized sessions at the Heights of Health clinic. During these sessions, individuals will learn the PTK 2 Tools and the PTK 4 exercises. They will be taught the powerful  mechanisms of neuroplasticity (we can change our own brain!) and mindfulness (learning to be in the present moment) at a developmentally and age-appropriate level. These transformative sessions will last your child a lifetime.

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